Colleen Low

Marriage Celebrant

Gold Coast Queensland

A commitment ceremony allows you complete freedom of choice.

Commitment ceremonies are gaining popularity for couples who may not be able to, or choose not to, pursue a traditional legal marriage for various reasons.

Like a wedding, a commitment ceremony is a platform for a couple to publicly profess their love and commitment to each other for the long term.

In each situation, the couples desire to pledge their enduring love and faithfulness and receive the blessing of their families and friends The commitment ceremony is meant to be an important, personally significant commemoration, but it is not legally binding.

Same Sex Commitment Ceremony

Celebrants are dedicated to making your day special; this is foremost in our minds. I am a personal advocate for the gay community - and stand up for the individual rights of every human being. I think denying anyone the right to marry because of gender or sexuality is simply not fair.